Matlock the Billionaire


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In Matlock the Billionaire, Andy Griffith plays a lawyer from Atlanta who travels to London to defend a man accused of murdering his tycoon father. This case is a big one for him and he’ll have to do everything in his power to win the case.

In the second season of the show, Matlock is hired by an American business tycoon to defend his son, who was accused of murder. His client’s sister is convinced of his innocence, but his brother isn’t. Matlock’s job is to fight the case, but the case is complicated by the death of his mistress.

This episode of Matlock the Billionaire features a plot twist. The victim was a biographer, named Vanessa Douglas. After her parents were murdered, she turned to Matlock for help. When she turned 21, she found the body of her mother, Marsha Gold. Her family and friends were horrified, so she decided to find her father. She also found a mysterious object that was thrown in the back of a car by a bartender. Matlock investigates the case and discovers the truth.

In the third episode of Matlock the Billionaire, Matlock is faced with the biggest challenge yet. After Melinda confesses, he has to find the suspect. Fortunately, he’s up for the challenge. He goes to Texas to find her, where she’s under heavy sedation. He also has to contend with a stern judge, George Gaynes. The episode also features Robert Culp, Scott Bakula, and Gregory Itzin. Kari Lizer does not appear in the episode.

In the United States, Matlock was first aired on NBC. It aired for two seasons and was split into two parts for syndication. The show has also aired on a TV network, and it has an original score by Andy Griffith. It was produced by StudioCanvas. It has a cast of five and eight actors. This is an enjoyable show that’s worth watching. It runs for an hour and a half.

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