Yorktowne Business Institute Inc


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The yorktowne business institute inc is a two-year college that offers associate’s and certificate programs. Many students then go on to four-year colleges to finish their Bachelor’s degrees. The school does not have a religious affiliation. It operates on a trimester system, similar to the calendar of quarters, and students take between two and four classes each term. A typical semester lasts 10 to 12 weeks.

The Yorktowne Business Institute inc has been in operation for nearly four decades. Its mission is to provide quality career training in a small, diverse community. The school is dedicated to teaching relevant career skills and instilling a strong sense of self-confidence in students. The school’s diverse student body provides a microcosm of the business community.

The yorktowne business institute inc is located in Historic York, PA and offers five qualifications. The most popular qualifications are the Associate in Specialized Business, Culinary Arts and Specialized Technology, and Food Handler Certification. These qualifications take between 20 months and two years to complete. The cost of the education training is about $32,000, but it is possible to secure grant or scholarship funding.

The yorktowne business institute inc is an independent for-profit higher education school with campuses in Roxborough and York, PA. While it is not a traditional college, it has a devoted following on LinkedIn. The Institute also hosts the State of American Energy, which highlights the natural gas industry.

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