The Worst Witch Monkey Business Episode 2 – Mildred


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In the second episode of The worst witch monkey business, Mildred returns to school with trepidation, but is surprised when her new teacher, Miss Cackle, asks her to look after the new first year, Enid Nightshade. Enid soon becomes a part of Mildred’s life, and Maud feels left out. In addition, Mr Blossom is fighting fungus in the school, and he witnesses a monkey in Enid’s bedroom.

The family is forced to go on with the program, even though it isn’t exactly a comedy show. During the show, they discuss how to protect their ideas, and how to avoid getting into legal trouble. They also talk about how the credit crunch is affecting students and how they can avoid it.

Mildred also takes responsibility for Enid Nightshade’s pet monkey, which she sneaked into school. This causes trouble for the girls, especially Maud, who feels like Mildred doesn’t have time for her. Meanwhile, Miss Hardbroom thinks that Mildred is responsible for the monkey, so Mildred is forced to help her save the day.

Mildred is also a character with a feud with Ethel Hallow that spans the entire Worst Witch series. After completing the first series, Mildred goes on to attend Weirdsister College in Cambridge, where she possesses exceptional artistic abilities. She is surprised to discover that Ethel Hallow is her roommate, but eventually they become friends. She also appears in The New worst witch monkey business, but only briefly.

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