Seth Campbell Entrepreneur Joins Two Ten Foundation Board


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You’ve probably heard of seth campbell entrepreneur, a highly sought after speaker, coach, and consultant on leadership and business. Perhaps you’ve even met him, or heard about his work. A former shoemaker and college dropout, Seth has started several successful companies and has consulted with John C Maxwell on business training. If so, you’ve probably heard about his experiences as an entrepreneur and his approach to perspective.

Seth Campbell is a Highly Sought-After Trainer, Speaker, Coach and Consultant on Leadership and Business

Seth Campbell, a nationally recognized expert on leadership and management, has extensive experience in the corporate world. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and small businesses. His client list includes Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and pharmaceutical and biotech firms. His clients also include companies such as KPMG and the Yale School of Management.

As a public speaker, he has a diverse range of topics. His workshops and one-on-one coaching address critical management issues. He also serves on the faculty of the American Management Association. In addition to his book, Campbell’s expertise spans leadership and communication skills development. His approach to leadership development includes a focus on emotional intelligence. Seth Campbell has spoken to hundreds of audiences and delivered hundreds of workshops.

He is Vice Chairman of FAPE Circle

The Two Ten Foundation is proud to welcome seth campbell entrepreneur, who is the son of Bobby Campbell. In their joint leadership role, Bobby and Seth co-chaired the 2016 Two Ten Gala, which had the theme, “One Team, Connecting Generations.” The evening raised $3.6 million. Seth currently serves as Vice Chairman of FAPE Circle, a division of the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies. In 2020, he will join the Two Ten Board of Directors.

He is a Keller Williams Realty Entrepreneur

A former Keller Williams agent has accused seth campbell entrepreneur of sexual harassment. Campbell is one of the top franchisees and expansion owners at the brokerage. The allegations stem from months-long investigations into alleged misconduct by Campbell. Allegations against Campbell include using sexually explicit language and sending illicit text messages to younger women in his office. Another former agent says Campbell made advances on her in a hotel room, but stopped after she repeatedly said “no.”

The Five Doors Network was founded by Campbell and Jeff Payne. In just 36 months, it grew from 59 to over 400 associates and became the number one real estate office in the Baltimore Metro Area. In 2014, Mr. Campbell co-founded the Five Doors Network, a web of seven Keller Williams expansion franchises that span the United States. Earlier this year, Keller Williams first acknowledged its investigation during a court hearing.

He is a Shoemaker

While he may never smile in photographs, Seth Campbell is a shoemaker. The founder of the popular UES brand is the son of legendary shoemaker Bobby Campbell. They have become a father-son duo, co-chairing a Two Ten Gala with the theme of “One Team: Connecting Generations.” In addition to this, they are both Vice Chairmen of the FAPE Circle, a division of the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies. Seth Campbell will join the Two Ten Board of Directors in 2020.

Born in New York, Seth Campbell is a graduate of NYU and ARS SUTORIA School in Milan, Italy. His background in the shoe industry is extensive and diverse. At the age of 13, he worked in a factory in China, where he developed an appreciation for the latest footwear trends. After finishing high school, he founded Upper Echelon Shoes and partnered with Steve Madden in 2010.

He is a Traveler

As a kid, Seth Campbell wanted to be like his father, Bob Campbell. The late founder and CEO of BBC International had the aura of an entrepreneur who had traveled the world. Today, he’s a traveler and entrepreneur who is making a difference by helping others live better lives. Here are three things you should know about Campbell. Let’s dive into each one of them.

A lifelong New Yorker, seth campbell entrepreneur has a background in business and has earned credentials from ARS SUTORIA School in Milan. A shoe industry enthusiast, Seth Campbell began his career working in a factory at the age of thirteen. Throughout his career, he wore the latest styles of footwear. He founded Upper Echelon Shoes in 2005 and partnered with Steve Madden in 2010.

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