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Justus Parmar Business Success Story

Justus Parmar is a rising name on the Vancouver Venture deal-making scene. One day he was sitting in Joe Fortes with Fabrice Taylor, a stock picker for the President’s Club. “I was wondering if I should do that,” Parmar told Taylor. “The answer to that question was yes.”


Justus Parmar Entrepreneur

After completing his master’s degree, Justus Parmar co-founded Jordan Capital Markets, a venture capital firm in Vancouver, Canada. As a partner in the firm, he helped it grow from four to 65 advisers in just 18 months. Parmar is also a mentor at UBC and a founding member of the UBC Finance Club. He also gave $250,000 to UBC’s finance club and endowed 10 scholarships for finance students worth $25,000 each. Justus Parmar’s passion for innovation and community service made him co-found two companies with market capitalizations of more than $2 billion.

After working in the investment industry for 14 years, Parmar decided to start his own firm. He worked at three established investment firms before launching Fortuna Investments in 2015. He believes in investing in people and companies, as well as in the community. Justus Parmar has helped more than two dozen companies go public and raised $300 million in funding. He finds balance in his work and his personal life. He has a son and is married with two children.


Justus Parmar Home

Justus Parmar is the managing director of Fortuna Investments, a venture capital firm with offices in Toronto and Barbados. The firm has also established business operations in Israel, Argentina, and Tanzania. His work-life balance allows him to enjoy his hobbies and home business, as well as travel and spend time with his family. This article will reveal how he does both. Here are a few ways that you can take inspiration from Parmar’s home business.

Justus Parmar Wife

Justus Parmar, a partner at Fortuna Investments, is an entrepreneur and investment adviser. The firm has raised $300 million for 125 early-stage companies. They have offices in Toronto, Barbados, Israel, and Tanzania. While Parmar has spent much of his career building successful businesses, he has also maintained a balance between work and play. Among his passions is running an online restaurant and writing.

Fortuna Investments

Justus Parmar is the Founder of Fortuna Investments, a Vancouver-based venture capital firm. The firm has raised $300 million in venture capital for 125 early-stage companies and facilitated 24 IPOs. Parmar is active in the community and serves as a board member of Youth Education Farms and Face of Today. In addition to advising clients, he is involved in fundraising for the Justus Parmar Group Scholarship Foundation.

Anna Msc-pgeo is an Associate at Fortuna Investments. She works in the Accounting Department and holds a Non-Manager level of management. Herrera attended Bill Crothers Secondary School and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. You can follow her on LinkedIn for more information. The Fortuna team also has a page on LinkedIn. You can find out more about her at her LinkedIn profile.

Justus Parmar Vancouver

Justus Parmar is a Canadian entrepreneur who works for Fortuna Investments, a venture capital firm based in Vancouver, Canada. The firm has raised more than $300 million for 125 early stage companies and has operations in Toronto, Barbados, Israel, and Tanzania. Parmar has a busy life, but finds time to balance work with play. Here, he discusses the importance of work-life balance and how he achieves it.

Justus Parmar Fortuna

Justus Parmar is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is credited with designing his client’s home, which took eight months to complete. He has co-founded three companies, all of which have market caps over $2 billion, mentored more than 100 youths, and helped other nonprofit organizations. The design of his Fortuna estate was commissioned by Kari Whitman.

Justus Parmar Los Angeles

Justus Parmar purchased a luxury condominium in Los Angeles, Calif., where he will be based. He is the vice-president of Jordan Capital Markets and helped expand the firm from four partners to 65 advisers in 18 months. After completing his studies at Harvard University in private equity and venture capital, Parmar co-founded two companies with market capitalization of more than $2 billion. In addition, he mentors the UBC Finance Club and has donated $250,000 in scholarships to finance students.

In addition to being a Los Angeles-based venture capitalist, Justus Parmar has offices in Toronto, Barbados, Israel, Argentina, and Tanzania. He started his career in investment advisory work at three established firms before setting up his own firm in 2015. In these years, he saw the negative effects of a bureaucratic environment, and was able to create a less-bureaucratic and more effective environment for his clients. Fortuna Investments now has 12 employees and has offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles.

A successful investment adviser with 14 years of experience, Justus Parmar is the managing director of Fortuna Investments, an early-stage venture capital firm with offices in Toronto, Barbados, and Los Angeles. He has helped over one hundred companies raise $300 million and two dozen go public, achieving a perfect balance between work and play. Read on to learn more about Parmar’s career and business philosophy. You’ll also discover his secrets for success, from how to find the right balance between work and play.
Kari Whitman was commissioned by the Justus Parmar Group, a leading private wealth firm, to redesign the entrepreneur’s home in Los Angeles. Justus Parmar’s house is full of original artwork that was sourced by Kari Whitman. The two men’s Los Angeles homes are reminiscent of an art deco era, complete with a dramatic skyline, gilded ceilings, and a unique, oversized fireplace.

justus-parmar-entrepreneur (2)

Justus Parmar - Philanthropist and Entrepreneur

Justus Parmar began his career as an investment advisor 14 years ago, before forming Fortuna Investments in 2015. With the help of a mentor, he has raised more than $300 million for 125 early stage companies. He now works out of offices in Toronto, Barbados, and Los Angeles. In addition to helping businesses raise money, Parmar has helped over two dozen companies go public. Parmar cites the importance of investing in people, companies, and the community.

The philanthropist and entrepreneur Justus Parmar was commissioned by Kari Whitman to redesign his Los Angeles home. The project was completed in eight months. Parmar’s personal philanthropy helped him identify a wide range of projects to benefit the community. He has co-founded three companies with a market cap of over $2 billion and mentored more than 100 youths. The foundation has also been instrumental in helping other charities.

justus-parmar-entrepreneur (3)

Redesigning the Home of Justus Parmar, an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Kari Whitman was hired to redesign the home of Justus Parmar, an entrepreneur and philanthropist. The project was completed in eight months, and she shared her experience exclusively with Upscale Living magazine. Read on for some insights into Parmar’s life and career. A successful entrepreneur is a hard worker and he doesn’t waste time. She has a unique and uncanny ability to spot a promising idea and turn it into a successful business.


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