How Did the Billingslea Brothers Become Entrepreneurs?


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The Billingslea brothers are the proud owners of a successful company. Three years ago, they decided to start a cookie company, called Yummy Brothers. In the beginning, they made their cookies from family recipes and would take them to family parties. Today, they are incredibly successful entrepreneurs.

The four Billingslea brothers, aged 11 to five, started baking as a hobby and turned it into a business. Today, their Yummy Brothers cookie company sells a wide range of cookies, including vegan cookies. The company now sells cookies across the country and ships to all 50 states.

Billingslea has a background in acting. He has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors’ Equity Association. His stage credits include August Wilson’s “Joe Turner,” the “Seven Guitars” production, and “Ma Rainey” by August Strindberg. He has also performed at the American Conservatory Theatre, Marin Shakespeare Theatre, and TheatreWorks.

How Did the Billingslea Brothers Become Entrepreneurs? The Billingslea brothers are also involved in an online community called KidPreneur Expo. It’s a place where people with entrepreneurial dreams can learn more about the business world. It was not just the brothers who started the business; the entire family has a hand in it. Their grandmother and mother invented the recipes they used in the food business. Greg, who is also an entrepreneur, came up with the name for the community.

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