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As a Freedom Mentor entrepreneur, you can earn up to $100k a month in commissions by helping small local businesses grow and succeed. These businesses provide services and products that make people’s lives easier and help them put food on the table, pay for college, and live comfortably. In addition to helping small businesses grow, the program also offers other opportunities to earn money.

Phil Pustejovsky is the founder and CEO of Freedom Mentor. He has been featured in several media outlets, including Entrepreneur Inc. and the Huffington Post, as well as in Business Insider. His brand is the focus of the Freedom Mentor mentoring program. There are publicly available YouTube videos, structured course materials, and more. The videos are easy to follow and are best watched in order. You can also sign up for free and receive a free copy of his real estate investing book.

The philosophy of Freedom Mentor is inspired by Phil’s personal story. He says mentorship changed his life. Now, Phil is one of the most sought-after real estate investing mentors. The website’s content details Phil’s background and explains how his investing course works. It also introduces Phil in video modules. This way, he can share his story with students. Phil’s own experience as a mentor will inspire others.

The freedom mentor’s goal is to coach people in living a life of freedom. It is the secret to success and the ultimate goal for every mentor. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom. But it isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and discipline to achieve it. The goal is to help people reach their goals and live their lives to the fullest.

The Freedom Mentor entrepreneur program isn’t for beginners. You will need to be able to build an empire in real estate. But you should remember that real estate isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time and patience to build a stable business that will last for a long time.

The Freedom Mentor program requires applicants to be coachable, honest, action-oriented, and devoted to learning. The program offers a variety of resources including a lender database and weekly convention calls with other apprentices. The training also includes three monthly phone sessions with coaching staff. The costs are higher for the Freedom Mentor program.

The Freedom Mentor program has been endorsed by many successful business owners, including the best-selling author and speaker Phil Pustejovsky. The program has been featured on CBS MoneyWatch, Yahoo! Finance, and MarketWatch from The Wall Street Journal. It has also been featured in Entrepreneur Inc. magazine. Despite the many benefits, the Freedom Mentor program does not come without its drawbacks. Nonetheless, its free services offer a wealth of opportunities to those who want to build a successful business.

Freedom Mentor entrepreneur has a YouTube channel with over 100 million views since its debut in 2009. Phil’s ability to simplify complicated concepts has contributed to its worldwide popularity. His videos are unlike other real estate media, as they are full of stories of people who changed their lives through the Freedom Mentor program. These videos are accompanied by text snapshots of these people’s lives. These testimonials are an excellent resource for people looking for a way to achieve financial freedom.

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