Youth Group Business Cards in Kenya


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The youth are the third most populous group in Kenya, and many are unemployed or work in informal micro-enterprises. The government of Kenya has been taking steps to promote youth entrepreneurship and has expanded opportunities in the informal sector. One such initiative is the Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF), which aims to give young people the opportunity to start and grow their own youth group business cards. Since it launched in 2011, the fund has supported more than 60 businesses, creating jobs and supporting more than 140,000 individuals.

In Kenya, there are many examples of successful start-ups. One example is Victor Ontita, who graduated from mechanical engineering and is now the CEO of Ahadi Movers. After college, he immersed himself in Nairobi’s depressed labour force, eventually establishing the company.

Abraham Lincoln Youth Initiative is an organization aimed at empowering the youth and women in international trade and youth group business cards. As the president of the group, Sarah Wanjiku has worked on philanthropy and community development in the country. Her recent work on youth empowerment and the impact of entrepreneurship has earned her a Pan African Humanitarian Award. She is a member of the National AGOA Committee.

Youth group business cards in Kenya are taking advantage of a variety of innovative ideas to improve the quality of life for their communities. The Kisii County MVP, for instance, has built a modern sports stadium for young athletes and sponsored 20 street children to attend primary school. The organization has also built wheelchairs for 300 disabled people.

Another innovative initiative is the creation of job opportunities. Youth who have completed college are more likely to be employed compared to those with no education. However, the unemployment rate of young people is still higher. With proper training, the youth in Kenya can contribute to economic growth. However, the government must work on social programs that provide financial, social, and psychological support.

The youth empowerment initiative, called PAD, promotes economic development by empowering young people with entrepreneurial skills. The program also provides small grants as seed capital to help youth start a youth group business cards. By empowering youth, the organization also helps reduce the use of youth as pawns in socio-political disputes. The organization also has a zero tolerance policy on alcoholism, and anyone found guilty of such behavior will be disciplined.

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