Youth Business Summit 2019


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The youth business summit 2019 will be held on April 19 at Troy University Montgomery. The summit is intended to help youth find success in all areas of their lives. Among the topics that will be covered at the summit are personal development and leadership. This event will provide the opportunity to network with other young entrepreneurs. To learn more, check out the following information.

The organizers will cover domestic travel and accommodation costs for the delegates. However, the delegates will be responsible for the cost of roundtrip international airfare. This will also cover roundtrip accommodation and food expenses. This program is aimed at providing opportunities for young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and business. The summit aims to provide an inclusive, sustainable, and equitable marketplace. Participants must be at least 18 years of age to apply. In addition, they should have an entrepreneurial background.

The Global youth business summit 2019 (GYES) is the flagship event of Youth Business International (YBI) and brings together global leaders, influencers, and decision-makers in the youth entrepreneurship industry. The summit focuses on developing the skills, knowledge, and connections among young entrepreneurs. The summit is intended to help youth overcome poverty by fostering entrepreneurial skills and business ideas.

During the summit, the 5000 young entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the world will get to know one another. The event will bring together more than 45 business leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, and media professionals. There are two categories of competition: International Trade Exhibition and Global Business Challenge. Each category will feature different businesses. At the Global Business Challenge, participants will apply their entrepreneurial skills and develop solutions to problems facing small and medium-sized businesses.

The Global youth business summit 2019 will introduce young leaders to international affairs through specialized simulations, speaker sessions, and peer collaboration. The summit will also provide the necessary tools to advocate for the youth in their community. They will also be exposed to the challenges and opportunities facing the world. In addition, the Summit will give young participants a taste of college life. Chaperones will be available to supervise them during the Summit.

In addition to the Global Youth Leadership Summit, the Global Youth Parliament will award three awards to young people who are making outstanding contributions to the world. The awardees of this event are determined by a selection committee. After receiving the nominations of the committee, the Global Youth Parliament will declare the awardees at the opening ceremony on 19th November.

The Social Business Youth Summit will bring together a diverse range of communities to discuss innovative social solutions. This conference will feature students, business owners, academics, CSR practitioners, and activists. The aim is to support innovations and encourage development. It is expected to attract 350 attendees from thirty-five universities. The event will also feature 15 social businesses.

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