What Are Policy Entrepreneurs?


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What Are Policy Entrepreneurs? Policy entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who exploit opportunities in order to influence policy outcomes. They pursue their goals, even if they don’t have the resources to accomplish their goals alone. They do this through non-traditional means, such as advocacy groups or public affairs firms. Their success is based on their ability to attract funding and promote their own ideas and objectives.

They apply tactics such as problem definition, team building, and leadership by example. In some cases, they may even work with the state elite. In some cases, they use non-traditional methods to promote science and technology, or to promote abstract ideas. For example, they may create prizes for promising policy ideas. If they succeed, they may gain the attention of the public. This may improve the maturity of policy recommendations. Policy entrepreneurs can help address existential risks by getting the public involved with abstract ideas.

What Are Policy Entrepreneurs? A policy entrepreneur identifies an unmet need in the marketplace and tries to create a solution that will solve the need. It may be a new policy, or an improvement on an existing policy. In the case of a new policy, the entrepreneur may identify a coalition of stakeholders to advance the policy.

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