The Connections Between Justice and Leadership


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Despite the centrality of justice and leadership issues to social, political, and economic change, only a handful of studies have explored how they relate. Social psychology offers some insight into the connections between justice and leadership. This article explores the complex interrelations between these broad issues and explains the necessity for more thorough research. It also outlines the multidimensionality of leadership styles. It examines how leadership styles influence organizational citizenship behaviors and employee burnout.

In order to establish a rule of law, governments must establish effective institutions and laws, and this requires leadership. Courageous actions of integrity often come at great personal cost. The Justice and Leadership Group supports these courageous efforts by creating a networked approach to support justice leaders in their societies. The group is comprised of a small group of leaders who have served as justice ministers and have led change at the highest political levels. The members all share a commitment to justice and leadership.

As we move forward, the need for leadership continues to be acute. However, we may need to reorient our thinking about leadership. It may require repositioning itself down popular practice, policy, and research charts. It must also take a more holistic perspective. By working together, leaders can build more equitable environments.

A free program for UTS law students called the Brennan Program seeks to strengthen justice consciousness and sense of service. Launched in 2011, the Brennan Program has grown to over 1,500 members, demonstrating that UTS law students are passionate about social justice. Students in this program learn how to become leaders who build bridges through service and reflection.

In addition to building a strong Catholic identity, the Education for Justice and Leadership Program supports the mission of Notre Dame High School. Its academic curriculum is guided by the Gospel of Christ and Catholic social teaching. It also incorporates core concepts of personal responsibility, solidarity, stewardship, and advocacy. It is also aligned with the Hallmarks of a Notre Dame Learning Community.

Social justice and leadership emphasizes the importance of inclusion and diversity in schools. Leaders should promote equity in the general classroom. While full inclusion is not an absolute, students should be provided with services that are adapted to their needs. A social justice leader will also focus on proportional representation. This means that the proportion of students of different demographic groups in the school should be equal.

Educators should engage students in critical readings on the subject of justice. Readings that highlight the history of injustice are important for the formation of transformational leaders. These books can teach students how to read the historical narratives of oppression and create a new narrative of justice. This can help transformative leaders build a more enlightened society.

The importance of justice in an organization cannot be overstated. It affects the quality of work and individual performance. Employees’ perceptions of fairness in an organization determine the quality of the work environment. If employees feel that their bosses treat them fairly, they will perform better and help their colleagues. The same is true for managers.

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