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Money and King Funeral Home is one of the oldest companies in Vienna. It is family owned and operated and pays attention to every detail. They built the funeral home from the ground up with the needs of the family in mind. They are located at 171 Maple Ave W Vienna, VA 22180. If you need to arrange a funeral or memorial service for a loved one, visit Money & King Funeral Home.

Money & King’s experienced professionals are there to provide you with the most appropriate service. We provide the services that you need in a timely and simple manner. We take great pride in offering our clients personalized attention and quality service. We have a long list of satisfied clients. Having a personal touch to the process of planning a funeral is essential.

Money and King Funeral Home has been in business for over a century. The family’s history dates back to 1881. The business was originally owned by Howard A. Money, who was a cabinetmaker. Both Money and his wife, Ella A., died in the early 1900s. After their deaths, the business was run by their grandson, Francis Howard King. The couple married in 1934. The company grew and expanded over the years.

The phrase “cash is king” refers to the importance of cash to a business. Having a large account receivable can increase the equity of the business, but if the company is not able to pay its employees, it could be technically bankrupt. A company that has a high level of cash in hand is more flexible and able to handle any situation.

Money and King Funeral Home is one of the oldest businesses in Vienna, Virginia. This family-owned business has a long history of dedication and attention to detail. Their new facility was built with the funeral industry in mind, and not simply converted from an older building. As a result, the funeral home features a modern design that fits the needs of a family. The funeral home is located at 171 Maple Ave W Vienna, VA 22180.

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