Everything You Need To Know About Chillums


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Everything You Need To Know About Chillums

Surprisingly chillums have gotten great market acceptance in the past few years. Innovation and creativity can easily be seen in chillum these days. That is due to massive customer acceptance. Whats a chillum! They are small, handheld pipes popular among smokers because of their portability and convenience.

Chillums are smoked by placing the bowl against the lips and inhaling through the opposite end.

Its demand in the market got it back with the same old shape but is now available in different materials and designs.

What Is A Chillum, And How Is It Made?

Chillums have been used for centuries, and their popularity is only increasing. Whats a chillum! The answer is a smoking device. chillum means “pipe.” Traditionally they are made of a clay pipe about 3 to 4 inches long and have a conical bowl. The bowl is filled with tobacco and then covered with a small cloth. The cloth is then tied around the bowl and the pipe’s stem. The other end of the device is inserted into the mouth. To smoke a chillum, the smoker puts his lips on the cloth and inhales. However, glass ones are becoming extremely popular now.

How To Choose The Right Chillum?

It is also known as a “finger pipe” because it is typically held between the thumb and the first two fingers. They are made from several materials, including clay, stone, wood, bone, glass, and metal. When choosing a chillum, there are a few things that you should consider, which are as follows:

  • It is essential to consider the grade it is made from.
  • Stone and clay ones are the most common but can break if dropped.
  • Wood and bone ones are less fragile but can be more challenging to clean.
  • Metal ones are the most durable but can boil when used for smoking.
  • Glass ones are versatile. They come in different sizes and vibrant colors.

Why Should You Buy Glass Chillum?

If you’re looking for a cheap, easy-to-clean and pack, discreet way of smoking while traveling, a glass of chillum is the way to go. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Glass chillums are much cheaper than other smoking devices.
  2. They’re easy to clean and pack – rinse with water and let dry.
  3. Chillums are very discreet, so you can smoke without attention.
  4. They’re perfect for traveling, as they’re small and easy to carry around.

How To Use Chillum Properly?

Chillums have been used for centuries and are now gaining popularity daily. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a chillum:

  1. Start by packing it with your chosen smoking material. Be sure to pack it tightly, but not too tightly. Don’t overpack it. Make sure to maintain good airflow.
  2. Place them between your thumb and middle finger, and hold them to your mouth.
  3. Light the material at the end of the chillum. Make sure to use a small flame and take a long draw on it. Inhale deeply and hold the smoke for a few seconds before exhaling.
  4. Continue taking draws on the chillum until it is finished. Be sure to extinguish the embers before putting them away.
  5. A clean chillum is the best and most durable chillum. Once used, make sure to clean it properly.

Final Verdict

Chillum is a great way to smoke if you are looking for a quick and easy method. It is also very versatile, so you can use it for different types of smoking. However, it is essential to remember that they can be very hot, so be careful when handling them. Only with a bit of practice can anyone use them efficiently. Its popularity is on the rise as it is handy and easy to use, which makes it a favorite for smokers.

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