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If you love romance novels, then you’ll enjoy Escorting the Billionaire, a new book from author Leigh James. Featuring a brash young woman with big dreams, this book is a page turner! It has a fun story line that will have you wanting to know what happens next. You’ll enjoy the fun characters and the enigmatic rich and powerful. You’ll be engrossed by the end of this novel.

Audrey Reynolds is a high-end escort hired by billionaire James Preston to be his wedding date. Audrey is worried about the billionaire’s intentions and her feelings, but her mother steps in to protect her. She has to decide whether being with James is worth risking everything. In the end, she’ll have to decide whether to risk her reputation for a man she loves. You’ll love Audrey’s honesty and her determination to help the Billionaire’s bride make his wedding day special.

The billionaire James Preston hires an escort to go to his brother’s wedding. The billionaire has a history of betrayal and does not want a relationship. So Audrey becomes an upscale envoy to keep his brother in an expensive group home. While she doesn’t want to be with James anymore, she is desperate to make his life better. She is determined to find someone who will treat her with respect and dignity, and to make his marriage work.

When she meets billionaire James Preston, Audrey is unsure about whether or not to stay with him. She’s concerned about the billionaire and his intentions, and her mother has to intervene. But, she has no choice but to accept his advances, but Audrey can’t let herself be taken for granted. But Audrey’s mother wants her to stay with James despite the risks. This is what happens when she finally decides to risk her reputation for the sake of a future with James.

In the midst of the wedding, James Preston hires a high-end escort to accompany him. She’s also worried that Audrey will fall in love with the billionaire, but the escort has to protect her from any danger. She must decide whether or not being with James is worth risking her life. A decision she won’t regret will change her life. The enigmatic millionaire is one of the most enigmatic and charming men she’s ever met.

Escorting the Billionaire is a captivating romance novel by bestselling author Leigh James. The book’s plot revolves around the plight of a billionaire’s daughter, who’s recently lost her parents to a mysterious illness. In addition, the narrator’s father is also on the hunt for a woman to help her get over the loss. The escort’s mother is not a very happy woman. She must make a decision on whether to be with James, as it would mean that she’ll have to break up with her boyfriend.

While Audrey Reynolds’ relationship with her billionaire brother is a whirlwind, she still hopes to find love and be true. The book isn’t a romantic novel, but it is a moving tale about family, marriage, and betrayal. It is told in three distinct voices, each one delivering an empowering message. This is a novel that will keep you turning pages.

In the course of a week, Audrey Reynolds meets Preston, a billionaire man who hires her as his escort for the wedding of his brother. Although she’s sceptical, Audrey must remember that she has no other choice but to work with him if she’s willing to take the risk. In her job, she has to be completely honest, because the money could be huge.

The escort was hired 10 years ago, and she had to pass a penicillin test to stay on her client’s good side. Now, the client is looking for a high-end escort, a woman who passed a drug test and has a valid passport. The billionaire’s escort is the perfect match. She should be honest with her client and not try to cheat on him.

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Escorting the Billionaire For Free

If you’re looking for a good read that’s entertaining, try Escorting the Billionaire by Leigh James. It’s a romantic fiction ebook that’ll keep you turning the pages. As a bonus, you can get the book for free in the Google Play Book application. It’s also available on many other ebook sites. As far as pacing goes, the book is well worth the read, as Audrey’s character is both likable and fascinating.

The story is set against the backdrop of a family wedding, where a pampered billionaire is getting married to a woman who can keep him in a luxurious group home. This enticing young escort, Audrey Reynolds, worries about her family’s wealth, but is also enamored with her client. Her mother steps in to protect Audrey, but Audrey’s desire for James is stronger than she thought.

The story is incredibly compelling. The characters are all fascinating, and the plot is riveting. James Preston’s sex life is a mess, but he’s a part of the “Hottest Bachelor” list and is a billionaire with money to burn. His family is a very close-knit community and is always there for them. The plot is unpredictable, so the reader will be guessing when the tense moment is going to come.

Audrey Reynolds is a high-end escort who falls in love with a billionaire. Her father’s wealth is so high that her feelings for James are forbidden. But she’s determined to complete her mission and play by James’s rules. Despite Audrey’s concerns, she manages to convince James that Audrey is worth the risk. And she discovers that the relationship is worth the risk.

The storyline of Escorting the Billionaire is one of the most compelling novels in recent years. The eponymous billionaire is a beautiful, troubled man who is unable to pay rent on his own. His only option is to find a way to make him fall in love with her. She does this by helping him make decisions and getting him closer to him. If he chooses to marry Audrey, he’ll end up with a woman he can’t live without.

As the escort for James Preston, Audrey is the ideal client for the businesswoman. His wealth and charisma make him a great candidate for the prestigious job she has. The frankness of the billionaire’s relationship with his brother is one of the most compelling features of this book. The sex-conscious billionaire is an unstoppable force in his world. However, his lack of desire has ruined her relationship with her brother. Moreover, she doesn’t want to be attached to him, but she does want to have sex with him.

The escort’s role is an important one in this novel. While the aristocrat is a wealthy man, he is troubled too. Unlike his business-minded wife, James is deeply troubled and is prone to mental instability. The ensuing love triangle puts his relationship with Audrey at risk. This story is a masterpiece in the modern romance genre. But what if he had not been a philanthropist? Surely, not.

Although the escort has to be honest in their job, the client can easily take advantage of the service. The escort could also be paid a huge amount of money. But she needs to be honest because she will be treated like a family member at Preston’s brother’s wedding. But Audrey is a skeptic and was initially wary of the idea of working for the billionaire.

The novel is an epic tale of betrayal, marriage, and family. The escort and the billionaire must be honest in order for them to succeed. They must be honest, as they must work for the billionaire. But if they are, they could make Audrey happy and get her money. The billionaire is not a bad deal, but Audrey must be truthful in her job.

The plot of escorting the billionaire free involves a billionaire who hires an escort to go out with his brother. He doesn’t want to get involved with his fiancee, and his escort knows this. She’s penicillin-free and has an official passport, which means she’s safe with him. So, the escort and the billionaire have their reasons for hiring each other. The woman is a perfect match, but the millionaire wants more.

Escorting the Billionaire Free

In this fun ebook, Audrey and James must figure out how to deal with a rich man in order to save his life. While they must make their way through the maze of the billionaire’s home, Audrey will find the whole experience extremely exhilarating. In this novella, the author will explain how the billionaire comes to be in such a desperate situation. In this exciting story, Audrey and James must navigate the complicated world of money and power in order to save their relationship and the lives of their loved ones.

The story starts with Audrey Reynolds, a high-end escort hired by billionaire James Preston to accompany him to his brother’s wedding. But when she realizes that James doesn’t want a relationship, she’s worried. Her relationship with James is complicated enough that her mother steps in to protect her. But when she realizes that she has feelings for James, she must decide if the money is worth risking everything to be with him.

The novel begins with an unexpected twist. Audrey is hired by a billionaire to be a date for his brother’s wedding, but James doesn’t want a relationship with her. The billionaire is a member of “The Hottest Bachelor” list, but he doesn’t want to be involved with a girl. The escort’s job is to protect him from his former lover and the dangers of his ex-wife.

As a high-end escort, Audrey Reynolds must be honest and loyal. She must keep a distance and not fall in love with the billionaire. However, she can earn a huge amount of money and be treated like a member of his family. In return, she could be a part of his brother’s wedding, and she could also be paid a large lump sum. While many people may have doubts about escorting the billionaire, it’s not a bad deal for Audrey.

Escorting the billionaire free is a modern masterpiece. Written by Leigh James, this novel is a sweeping epic tale of betrayal, love, and family. The novel’s three main characters have distinct voices that tell their stories in different ways. It’s easy to imagine a fictional story where the millionaire is in love with a woman, but in reality, his feelings are more important.

In this novel, Audrey is a high-end escort to a billionaire. She works as a private aide to her brother. In return, she will be paid a huge sum of money. In the novel, Audrey must be truthful and not fall in love with her employer. Ultimately, she will have to make a choice between the billionaire, but she is determined to follow her heart.

During the wedding day of her brother, Audrey is a high-end escort to James Preston. The billionaire doesn’t want a relationship. She’s worried that her feelings for him might be ruined. As she works to save her brother’s family’s fortune, she is faced with an impossible decision. She has to choose between her feelings for the billionaire and the escort.

The novel Escorting the Billionaire is a gripping thriller about the life of a billionaire. It is a modern-day masterpiece and has been praised by critics. The author, Leigh James, has written a beautiful story in this book. Despite its complex and dramatic plot, it is a must-read for anyone. While this is a romance novel, it is also a romantic read.

In the novel Escorting the Billionaire, Leigh James has created a masterpiece that is unlike any other. The novel is a modern-day classic, and its message is universal and uplifting. Its themes of marriage, family, and love are universal. The characters are vivid and distinct and are believable. The reader will want to know more about them and their pasts. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves a good romance.

The story follows the life of James Preston, a billionaire who hires a high-end escort to attend his brother’s wedding. While he doesn’t really want a relationship with his escort, he does not want to lose his job. He doesn’t want a relationship, but he does love his escort. He wants to be the one to be at the wedding, but is unsure about his feelings for his escort.


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