Daisy Buchanan’s Her Voice Is Full of Money


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One of the most iconic descriptions of Daisy in “”The Great Gatsby”” is her voice. Her voice is full of money, allure, and perfection. When Daisy hears this voice, a man’s heart begins to race. Gatsby even says that Daisy belongs in the East Egg. In the story, this voice is a powerful hypnotizing device. It is also a metaphor for the life of Gatsby.

In the novel, Nick compares Daisy’s voice with his own and the voices of other people. Nick is fascinated by the fact that Daisy is from the working class, and he realizes how difficult it is to talk with a working-class person. Nick hesitates and is uncomfortable when he is around working-class people, but he cannot do this with Daisy. She is used to living in this world.

Daisy Buchanan represents the American dream in this novel, and Scott Fitzgerald makes the American dream seem like an unrealistic one at times. Daisy represents the American dream in the 1920s, but shows how the American Dream can be based on deception. She has a strong voice, and is incredibly beautiful.”

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