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A business coaching packages pdf is a document that a coach creates to set expectations and deliver results. It contains a toolkit of exercises and templates to help a coach create a coaching program. It also contains worksheets that the client can complete to help them reach their goals. The coaching toolkit is usually presented as a PDF file, and comes with editing features so that it can be customized for different clients.

Before you can create a coaching program, you’ll want to decide what kind of transformation you want to provide to your clients. You’ll also want to determine which packages you’ll be offering. In addition to the coaching package, you’ll need to decide how much it will cost. This bonus video can help you map out a transformation and set pricing.

When creating a business coaching packages pdf, take the time to research your competition. Each coach takes a different approach. Ensure that your package offers something unique and stands out among your competitors. Using market research, you’ll be able to determine which packages are the most effective. This will help you develop the best coaching packages.

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