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Matthew Kovschak is a business attorney specializing in startup law in Lakeland, Florida. In addition to assisting entrepreneurs in business disputes, Matthew also has experience in mediation. As a mediator, he has helped many entrepreneurs reach a successful resolution. This experience has helped him to develop an effective strategy for clients.

Matthew Kovschak

Matthew Kovschak, a business attorney in Lakeland, FL, has a wide range of experience. He has represented entrepreneurs and businesses in a variety of legal matters, including bankruptcy and intellectual property matters. He has also worked as a mediator to resolve disputes.

Kovschak’s actions were justified because he was attempting to defend his home. When a would-be burglar was trying to break into his residence, Kovschak pulled out his handgun and shot him. After firing two rounds, he hit the man twice. Matthew Kovschak was not injured in the incident.

Steven Stark

As a business attorney, Steven Stark provides legal services to individuals and businesses of all sizes. He has experience representing clients that range from small businesses to non-profit organizations, and he has a passion for helping small businesses grow. As a former business owner, he understands the need for quality legal counsel for small businesses. He has been a prominent figure in the Lakeland legal community for over a decade, and his experience includes representation of notable clients such as Tesla and the City of Lakeland. He also specializes in employment law and can help clients avoid the hassle of going to court.

Josh Garber

Josh Garber, a business attorney in Lakeland, FL, is an outstanding representative of his clients. His specialties include employment and labor law. Many of his clients have been able to avoid going to court because of his guidance and expertise. He is also an excellent mediator.

Steven Van Horn

If you are looking for a business attorney in Lakeland, Florida, then you need to contact Steven Van Horn. He is a lawyer who has over twenty years of experience in litigation. He specializes in complex commercial cases. His cases have resulted in successful verdicts and arbitration awards for his clients. He has trial experience in several areas of law, including real estate, intellectual property, insurance coverage, and more.

The attorneys at the Van Horn Law Group work in a collaborative manner to provide you with high-quality services. They are available to meet your needs during business hours and on weekends. They also offer legal consultations. They will evaluate your situation and provide you with a comprehensive list of options for resolving your problem.


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