Bucking Bull Business Plan


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The first step in establishing your bucking bull business is to learn the industry. Eckroth recommends learning about the business in person. This will give you a good feel for what the business entails. After that, you can develop a business plan to help you grow.

Leap of Faith Bucking Bulls
The Simpson sisters of Topeka, Kansas, are rapidly building a reputation as top stock contractors for competitive bucking bulls. They began investing in young bulls in 2009 and have already won numerous top honors at bucking bull competitions. They also own the largest bucking cattle registry in the world, which contains the DNA of 145,000 animals. Their business plan focuses on the growth of the bucking bull sport and how to make it more profitable for people.

While most people might think that genetics are the most important factor in the success of a bull show, the truth is that life experiences play a big role in how a bull will perform. Young bulls can be more easily moldable than older ones. Aside from their genetics, intelligence also plays a major role in a bull’s ability.

Scharping’s special feed mix
In Arlington, Minnesota, the cost of raising cattle is considerably higher than in most other areas. Despite the higher cost, the Scharping family’s bucking bulls travel with special feed mixed to help them maintain their optimal condition. One of the best known bulls, Hy Test, won the CBR Bull of the Year and was a four-time PBR Finals bull. He’s also been named the WNFR’s Bull of the Year.

Raising a bucking bull requires a lot of effort and time, from vaccinations to branding and hoove trimming. And then there’s the transportation and feeding of the special feed mix. The feed mix is formulated to prevent the bull from getting sick, making it more nutritious and more efficient.

Matt Scharping’s passion for bucking bulls shines through his partnership program. While there is no 100% guarantee of a quality bull, the company is willing to offer partnerships for those who want to raise a bucking bull. While partnerships with Phenom Genetics come with a high level of risk, the company’s sons are putting up incredible numbers in competition, even in the PBR’s short rounds. If you’re interested in bucking bull ownership, contact Matt Scharping at Phenom Genetics to find out more.

ABBI’s bucking bull registry
The ABBI bucking bull registry is a unique way to track the genetic background of a bucking bull. These animal athletes are sold at the ABBI Premier Sale in Las Vegas annually. Many of these animal athletes sell for $100,000 or more. These animals undergo a thorough screening process to ensure that they have the right genetic make-up for bucking bull competitions. The ABBI’s bucking bull registry is a valuable resource for contractors and buyers in the animal sport.

The ABBI was founded in 2004 and has since experienced rapid growth. It offers various incentives and benefits to its members and works to promote the American Bucking Bull breed. ABBI is committed to improving and maintaining the standard of bucking bull performance. In addition to offering a registry, the ABBI also hosts events and programs to promote the stock and breed.

The ABBI’s bucking bull registration program offers the opportunity for bucking bull owners to show off their talent at sanctioned competitions across the country. The ABBI also awards cash prizes to top performers. Last year, the ABBI paid out $1.8 million in prize money to bull owners. Among this money, $250,000 went to the owners of 2011 ABBI World Champion Bull Back Bender. And this year, ABBI will be awarding over $1.5 million in prize money at the World Finals in Las Vegas.

The ABBI’s bucking bull competition program has various stages, ranging from Yearling (1-year-old) to Futurities, Junior Futurities, Cowgirl Futurities, and Derby (3-year-old). There is also the ABBI Classic World Finals, where the top 40 bulls in the world will compete for a $100,000 prize.

Once a bucking bull reaches two years of age, it is typically placed in the ABBI’s bucking bull breeding registry. It is then evaluated against a mechanical dummy. This allows ABBI breeders to determine whether the bull has the raw bucking talent to compete in ABBI competition. Once the bull has passed the mechanical dummy, it will be trained for bucking events.


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