A Complete Guide To Bubbler Pipes


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With the ongoing legalization of weed culture in different parts of the world for medicinal purposes, smokers can now enjoy weed without the fear of being charged or imprisoned. Recreational weed is now legal in many states in the US and Canada.

Several options are available for smokers to consume weed, like pipes, bongs, etc. Recently, a new smoking tool has been a tough competitor to traditional pipes and bongs. This newly admitted contestant is a bubbler.

This new and innovative gadget combines a pipe and a bong, providing features of both smoking devices. Seasoned smokers might know both of these tools but probably not know how to use a bubbler. This article reviews everything you need to know about bubblers, their types, and their usage.

What Is A Bubbler?

As mentioned earlier, a bubbler is a combination of pipes and bongs. Though both serve the same purpose, their structure is different. Hence, to understand what bubblers are, you first need to understand what pipes and bongs are.

A pipe has three significant components. One is a bowl where the weed goes, next is the stem through which the smoke travels, and last is a mouthpiece that enables one to inhale the smoke. Sometimes, a pipe may also have a carb or a small hole in the side that is used to make smoking easier.

A water pipe or bong is a smoking apparatus that contains a filter to filter the weed smoke through liquids like water. It is somewhat similar to hookah.

A bubbler has a fixed, immobile bowl, a stem, a carb, and mouthpiece-like pipes. You can find a variety of these latest smoking apparatuses in the market. Knowing the difference between their types and how to use a bubbler will help you pick the best option.

What Are Its Different Types?

Bubblers come in various types. Each type has its pros and cons. Below is a list of some bubbler pipes from which you can choose your best option.


As the name suggests, these are similar to the famous fictional detective character Sherlock Holmes’ tobacco pipe. They can be rested on a flat surface as they are stable. The design of a Sherlock bubbler is curved into an “S.”

Double Bubbler

This one comes with two filter chambers and filters the smoke twice. It is also known as a dual percolator. Twice filtration allows one to enjoy a cleaner flavor.


They resemble the shape of a hammer. They are similar to Sherlock bubblers except for the “S” shape. They can also be rested on a surface as they have a stable design.


They are mainly designed to smoke concentrates and oils rather than flowers. They function like a dab rig but have a more compact design.


It is the smallest of all types. It has all the primary features of a bubbler but is very tiny. One can attach it to a chain and use it as a pendant.

Who Needs A Bubbler?

As you are aware of bubbler pipes now, you may wonder if they are the right fit for you. Consider the points below to get your answer.

You can use one if:

  • You want a portable smoking gadget that provides you with water filtration ability.
  • You are new to smoking and looking for a light and durable apparatus that is easy to use.
  • You have no problem cleaning your gadget regularly.
  • You want a customized smoking tool.

Tips To Use A Bubbler For Best Smoke

To ensure a better smoking experience, you should know how to use a bubbler:

  • Add some water to the chamber.
  • Pack the bowl very lightly.
  • Gently light the bowl.
  • Keep it clean.


Smoking weed is a great way to take a little time away from everyday stressors and get yourself high. Bubblers can enhance this experience with customization and anytime use. Their unique style and design have attracted many smokers to try them. Many countries have legalized recreational weed use, so smokers can try their hands on these glass gadgets and feel the kick.


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A Complete Guide To Bubbler Pipes

With the ongoing legalization of weed culture in different parts of the world for medicinal purposes, smokers can...